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Adrian Engstrom

What's on Offer

Honesty Salons

Want to practice connecting to the present moment, yourself, and other people?
We meet in small groups and agree to follow communication guidelines, and then connect. This work is informed by various schools of communication: Getting Real, Authentic Relating, Radical Honesty, and T-Group.
I’ve seen Salons help me and other people heal trauma, grow emotionally, process and integrate intense experiences, make friends, alleviate emotional pain, and develop skill interacting with other people. Try them! 

One on one support

Do you want honest feedback about how your impact on other people?
Do you need to go deeper to untie the knots of some very old patterns?
Do you want someone who will meet you exactly where you’re at, without trying to fix or change anything about you?
Meet with me and we’ll practice a nonviolent, fun, alive approach to getting more of what you want out of life.
The first session with me is free – you need to know we work well together.

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