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Adrian Engstrom


“Through Adrian’s Salon I was able to gain new awarenesses of my being and this was instrumental in my healing and growth. Adrian holds space beautifully and is an encouraging and loving coach and facilitator.”

Monica Borrell,

I have shared facilitation with Adrian at the 2023 Sebastopol Honesty Salon/Radical Honesty Practice Group and find him to be skilled and poised. Most of the participants have been practice partners with Susan Campbell for many years, and easily place their trust in him during the sessions. Adrian facilitates his own Salon in Santa Rosa on alternate Saturdays, (where I join as a participant) and even when members get triggered, he can lead us back to connection with ourselves and one another. I highly recommend Adrian for any Authentic Relating or Getting Real (individual) coaching or group facilitation.”

-Joe Tavormina, Certified Radical Honesty Trainer

“Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying a long and candid conversation with Adrian Engstrom von Alten about my feelings of disappointment and frustration with certain aspects of my life. I found him to be a good listener, as well as insightful and perceptive. His suggestions were helpful, and he is wise beyond his years. I like him, trust him, and recommend him to anyone who would welcome constructive feedback regarding their options for the direction that their life might take.”

-David Wigginton,

 “Over the last several months of working with Adrian, my moods have improved, and my optimism has returned. The problems I have worked on haven’t disappeared, nor would I expect them to completely, but with his help my relationship to them has shifted. Adrian has helped me with my inner critic and negative stories I believed, among many other things. Adrian listens well, and there have been many times I have felt lost and I wasn’t sure I was making sense, and he paraphrased what I said in a clearer and more direct way. Adrian takes good notes of each session that he makes available to me. Adrian’s life experience and his journey has given him a unique perspective on many issues. I am very happy to be working with him and while he is comfortable with being blunt or direct, I feel his compassion and he feels like a friend as well.”

-W. W.

“Adrian is both the most compassionate and insightful coach I’ve worked with. He has clearly done enormous work to train his empathy and knowledge around mental well-being. No matter the topic I bring to him, he always listens intently and guides the conversation with ease. All of this applies to his work as a group facilitator of honesty salons as well, where he manages social dynamics and finds the appropriate level of intimacy of conversation every time. I have learned so much with him.”

– Ryder Holmes Wilson,

 “When I have the pleasure of sharing a conversation with Adrian, one on one, I am always impressed with his presence. When we talk, I know he is present. I appreciate his capacity to listen, and reflect in a way that I feel heard. He is knowledgeable and skillful in the process of Getting Real. Combined with his presence, Adrian models authentic communication in an attractive and approachable way that I find inspirational. I seek his guidance when I need another’s perspective and he is a person who I feel I can trust. His unique perspectives often reveal insights I find exceptionally valuable.” 

-J. V. T.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to work with Adrian. Adrian was present and attentive, which helped me slow down, connect deeply with myself, and stay in Self energy. I also felt very supported by his homework emails. Overall, I found Adrian caring and generous, and even thinking of him at this moment leaves me feeling alive and vital.”

-S. L.