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Adrian Engstrom

Hey There!

Hi there! I’m so excited that you’re reading this!  

I created my business to work with people who feel shut down, stuck, or disconnected. Whether they’re struggling with lots of problem areas, or have only one or two things to focus on… I care. (Does any of this resonate with you?) 

I care because I’ve been there. For many years I suffered and passed on my suffering… and then I spent years gathering the allies, resources, and skills I needed to get out. During my journey I found out that I have a passion for learning about people and working with emotional pain, and I learned how to develop personal strengths and tools like authenticity, integrity, and emotional mastery.  

So now I take everything I have learned and everything I am and I apply it to helping others realize their own strength. I get an incredible rush out of seeing people heal themselves, experience connection and flow, and to become the authors of new experiences in their lives – in short, becoming the person they need themselves to be.  

If you’re committed to finding out who you really are and learning something new about life, welcome! I’d love for us to walk on this path side by side.  


You Matter.


Here’s a newsflash that you already know – life can be really damn harsh.  

I bet you have struggles that most people don’t see. I bet you want to help make a world that’s works better for everyone.  

Sometimes, though, we lose our way. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever realized that you wanted to stay in bed because the world won’t stop turning, or wanted to give up on a dream because it seemed too difficult?  

I’m here to tell you one unequivocal truth: YOU MATTER. You matter because you are alive now, you are a creative and rich and deep actor on this stage that is Life, and you are made of the same magic that lights the stars. The truth is that you are so important, you are so lovable, and you can be part of so much goodness in life. It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and overlook that.  
Your happiness matters. YOU MATTER. 

… How do I know this? Because I lived most of my life thinking I was bad and trying to keep my head down. Find out more about why I’m so passionate about this. 


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